Dikt - Losing your life

2010-09-01 @ 19:44:23
Falling apart
From all that I was
And all that I know I never will be

Letting go of life

Allowing moments to pass me by
Letting myself fade away
Into the nothingness of this God forsaken world

The fire in my heart

Put out by the corruption of my brain
Self-inflictied instability to the core

Madness and chaos in the purest of forms

Taking shape behind these damaged eyes
Losing my desire to hope, to thrive

Chasing myself in the gutters of my mind

Seasons changing outside my window
Seems like the world is passing me by

I cling to the memories of joyful days

Praying to a God who rapes children with guns
Who clutters my mind with distasteful dreams

I dont feel safe inside myself anymore

Waves of panic crashing within me
Leaving my bones and body shattered

I must be losing my mental mind

Dealing with these changes, this sickness
Trapped in a chokehold

Please save me from this broken middleground

Just put away the gun and chase away the shadows
Or pull the trigger, I dont care, cause You. Dont. Exist


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